Farsi Puri / Mathri is a crispy and delicious melt in mouth deep-fried Indian bread generally served as snack. It gets its name “Farsi” from a Gujarati word meaning crispy.  Farsi Puri / Khasta Puri / Maida Puri is a crunchy yet soft and yummy Tea time snack. The unique flavors of crushed Pepper and... Continue Reading →



Chakli/chakri is a fried snack made from Wheat flour or Rice flour or Gram flour or mixed lentils flour. Rice Flour Chakri - MURUKKU is very famous in South India, though it has spread its magic north side also. A best savory for munching. Very crispy and very easy to make. One can store up... Continue Reading →


Palak sev is awesome crunchy savoury , which can accompany your Tea/Coffee or some  chhoti chhoti bhukh or even Dal Rice. This fried spinach noodles are Made with Palak puree, so its healthy in some manner (as its fried item i cant say its healthy fully) 🙂 🙂 Earlier i posted Masala Sev , both methods... Continue Reading →


Aromatic, spicy and flavourful, but very kid-friendly, these Moong Dal and Whole Wheat Flour crispies make a wonderful snack to serve to guests attime of festival or to send in your kids’ tiffin box. Its a protein pack option for sudden hunger. It can be a Best Partner for a cup of Hot Tea/Coffee. One... Continue Reading →


This sweet and Spicy Flattened Rice Chevda is so tasty and perfect savoury for Festival time . It can be best accompany with Sweets or Dal -Rice or Tea / Coffee or for some munching at evening , that CHHOTI CHHOTI BHUKH 🙂 🙂 On DIWALI Time, generally we Indians make number of dishes .... Continue Reading →


Spicy and yummy poha mixture/chivda is very easy to make. As roasted, its healthy too. Best for evening snack or free time munching. INGREDIENTS: 300 gm Thin poha 1 small bowl peanuts 1 small bowl grated dry coconut 1 small bowl Roasted Gram dal (Daliya) 6-8 green chilli (More or less according to taste) 1... Continue Reading →


I already posted South Indian speciality  MURUKKU ( Made from Rice Flour) . Wheat flour Chakli is  a Very famous , Very Crunchy and delicious Gujarati Snack. There may be various methods to make this. Here i am showing my mother's method which is very easy and end result is very very tasty, perfect crispy Chakli...... Continue Reading →


Such type of puffed rice taste awesome. Quick solution for bhel carving, just add chutney of choice and done. No need for preparing everything in urgency ..For evening time snacks its the best option. Ingredients: 500gm Puffed rice 2/3 cup Raw Peanuts ½ cup Roasted Gram Dal Handsful curry leaves ½ tsp Black Salt Salt... Continue Reading →


A crunchy savory loved by all age group.. One can enjoy this directly or can be used in some chatpati chaat or with puffed rice or anything… Ingredients: 1 cup Chana Dal 1 ½ tsp Red Chilli Powder ½ tsp Turmeric Powder ½ tsp Coriander Cumin Powder ½ tsp Chaat Masala ¼ tsp Black Salt... Continue Reading →

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