This home style quick, easy and fuss free pasta is definitely tounge tickling.. This Indian style pasta don't need any special sauce , and can be prepared with basic ingredients. It's a perfect option for after school snacks , brunch or for quick meal. One can also serve this pasta with any favourite soup. You... Continue Reading →



A tasty and exotic Potato Stuffing packed between slices of bread with a spicy and tongue tickling chutney, the Masala Sandwich is surely one sumptuous snack that will keep you going for couple of hours. Masala Toast is very famous street food from Mumbai. It's generally prepared with unique toaster . Here , I have... Continue Reading →


Instant Bread Vada , easy and crispy snack , made from leftover bread slices can be a great hit with your family and guests. This bread-based snack is an easy alternative to the traditional wada , which require grounding and soaking. These crisp instant vadas are ideal evening snacks. Bread vadas are simple to prepare... Continue Reading →


This non - fried Bread Pakoda , is a healthy, very delicious and a perfect weekend treat or party snack ..It is also a best option for tiffin box .. Bread Pakoda is a very popular and common street food also known as Bread Bhajji, which is made from bread slices, gram flour, and spices... Continue Reading →


A thin and crispy dosa prepared with fermented rice and Lentil batter which is topped with Red Garlic Chutney and Potato Masala. The appearance and texture is very similar to Masala Dosa , but the main difference lies with the chutney spread topped on Mysore Dosa. Dosa recipes are very much indigenous to south indian... Continue Reading →


Fried masala idli is one of the variation which you can make either with fresh idlis or leftover idlis. A quick, tasty snack/ starter and super easy to make. Treat your family with  this delicious version of Idli ...Crispy Idlis with slightly spicy Masala , I am sure it will be great treat to your... Continue Reading →


Pinwheel Samosa is a perfect party treat. This is an interesting twist to a Popular and most loved snacks of India- Samosa ...It is also known as Aloo-Bhakharwadi . This bite size appetizers is so delicious and definitely an attraction for kids  and adults.. At time of party or get together , one can half... Continue Reading →


Carrot Uttapam is a healthy breakfast / dinner made from Idli Dosa Batter. I have use Milagai Podi / Idly podi to give extra crunch and taste. My Little one loves this Uttapam.. A friend, a terrific blogger Paarulz Kitchen , approached me for a guest post for her new series on blog. Definitely how can I miss... Continue Reading →

CHOLE (No Onion No Garlic)

Chole/Chhole is a very popular Indian dish which was originated in Punjab region.  This dish has won everyone's heart even in other countries too. Freshly ground spices will enhance the flavour and taste of dish. Ideally Chole is served with Bhatura , but if you are fussy about fried food then can serve with Paratha/... Continue Reading →

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