This restaurant style Palak Paneer is very delicious and popular vegetable. Soft Paneer on bed of Smooth, fingure licking , tasty Spinach Puree. Check out MY STYLE  of  PALAK PANEER to enjoy this excellent winter. Palak Paneer is very popular and My favourite vegetable in winter season.. I dont think this vegetable needs any more... Continue Reading →



A Delicious, crunchy, Spicy Onion Pakoda can never be out of fashion. To Enjoy the Climate or to impress guests these Easy Pakoda can never go wrong. Can be ready in minutes yet the most delicious snack. This Delicious Snack dont need any more introduction. Me sure all love this Pakoda. Can be serve as... Continue Reading →


UNDHIYU - A World Famous Gujarati Speciality ,Unique, very tasty and compulsory for UTTARAYAN / KITE FESTIVAL . Aromatic, Delicious Mix vegetable with small dumplings / muthia made from Green Methi Leaves. This is my version for UNDHIYU in pure JAIN STYLE - NO ROOT VEGETABLES. Undhiyu , is one my most most most favorite... Continue Reading →


Khichdo is a Gujarati traditional, unusual  Indian dessert or Sweet , famous for UTTARAYAN / KITE FESTIVAL.   Super easy, Delicious and healthy sweet ready in few minutes.. In Gujarat , we celebrate This Kite festival With delicious food items like UNDHIYU , CHIKI and of course KHICHDO, Typical Gujarati Sweet  recipe with wheat grains ground... Continue Reading →


A smooth, Delicious , Melt in mouth , Aromatic Perfect Dal Makhni same as serve in Restaurants. Now make at home with easy steps.. Actually i have tried  many times and many versions of Dal Makhni  at home as me and my husband are big fan of this dal when we visit restaurants. But i... Continue Reading →

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