Masala Peanuts / Shing Bhujiya

Masala Peanuts Recipe | Masala Groundnut | Besan Masala Peanuts with detailed written and video recipe Crispy, spicy, tasty, Chickpea flour coated masala peanuts served ideally as a tea time snack Or as a side dish in party or get-together Or simply for munching .. Very easy and quick to prepare and can be stored …

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How to make Akki Roti (Rice Flour Roti ) at home | Detailed written and Video recipe for Karnataka Special Akki Roti Akki Roti / Rice Flour Roti, is a soft-n-crispy flatbread made with rice flour, veggies and basic Indian spices. It's served with Chutney mainly in Breakfast or Lunch.. It is very popular in …

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Masala Lachha Paratha

Masala Lachha Paratha recipe | Detailed written and video recipe for Masala Lachha Pratha Masala Lachha Paratha is a layered indian flatbread with exotic indian spices. This paratha , generally prepared with Wheat Flour or All Purpose Flour. It's delicious, flaky, crispy, fluffy and simply irresistible. These parathas are generally served with some semi gravy …

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