Rasgulla.. Authentic sweet of West Bengal . But i don't think other regions also need any introduction for this spongy sweet.. Super spongy, soft, mouth melting and delicious Homemade Rasgulla is super easy to make. .This  No Ghee No Fry Dessert will be loved by all. Today is Wedding Anniversary of My darling Sister and... Continue Reading →



Kandi Podi is an Authentic Andhra Recipe, Packed with full of Proteins and fiber. Kandi Podi is a staple food in Andhra homes.Kandi Podi mixed in hot rice, with a dollop of Ghee, tastes awesome. For Non-south Indian friends, first let me explain you what is PODI ? Podi is Dry Chutney made from lentils... Continue Reading →


Stuffed Turai/ Ridge Gouard / Luffa is a Delicious and very inviting dish . The stuffing made from assorted spices will be a treat to your taste buds . Its a NO ONION NO GARLIC Recipe. Those who don't like Turai, i bet you cant stop at one bite. Serve hot with Plain Phulka /... Continue Reading →


A perfectly moist, super spongy and delicious cake ready in few minutes with easily available ingredients in our kitchen. Such Cake can be a best partner for tea time snack .. Last night my little one crave for cake, i would love to mention here that she is a cake lover 🙂 🙂 🙂 At... Continue Reading →


Rice Thepla is made from Leftover rice. Very soft, Delicious and Perfect for light dinner idea. Taste best with curd or a cup of Tea/ Coffee. Perfect for Paryushan/Tithi days. Leftover rice is general and very common issue in every home. Other varieties of Leftover Rice i posted  on blog : Rice Muthiya , Crispy Balls .... Continue Reading →


Split Yellow Moong Dal and Masala puri is a deadly combination. You will be in love with this dish. Extremely Delicious and best for Brunch idea or early dinner. INGREDIENTS 1 cup Split Yellow Moong Dal 2 tsp Ghee 2 tsp Oil 1 tsp Cumin Seeds few curry leaves 2 Red Dry Chilli salt 1/4... Continue Reading →


KHANDVI is a delicious Gujarati Snack. Easily ready with just  2-3 Ingredients. And of course need just 1 tsp oil 🙂 🙂 I have already Posted KHANDVI- IN MICROWAVE earlier on blog. This is i made on Gas Stove. This way its actually bit time consuming, but  take my words when this soft, melt in mouth... Continue Reading →


RASAM is very famous and popular dish from South India. RASAM is extremely delicious, specially when served with Hot rice and dollop of Ghee 🙂 🙂 One can have it alone as soup also.  Here, Rasam i made for Paryushan Special so didn't use TOMATO or CORIANDER. One can use as per taste and preference.If... Continue Reading →


MASALA VADA , this spiced  South Indian fritters are very crunchy , tasty and perfect as Tea time snack or can include in your meal.. A typical flavor and taste of Mint, Fresh Coconut and other spices will be a treat to your taste buds. Very easy , very quick (if ingredients r bit ready... Continue Reading →

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