Moong Dal Dosa / Yellow Moong Dal Dosa

How to make Yellow Moong Dal Dosa |Moong Dal Dosa detailed written and Video recipe Moong Dal Dosas are thin crispy crepes, made from skinned split Green Gram / Yellow Moong Dal and some routine spices.. Protein packed flavourful Moongdal Dosa will be an amazing addition to Breakfast or Dinner Menu ... These Dosas are …

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Khandvi in Pressure Cooker

Easy Khandvi Recipe | How to make Gujarati Khandvi in Pressure Cooker with detailed Written and Video recipe Khandvi is a melt in mouth, smooth , spiced and seasoned gram flour rolls. Khandvi is a delicious and healthy snack from Gujarati cuisine . Khandvi is made from basic 2 ingredients that's is Gram Flour and …

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Instant Rava Uttapam / Quick Sooji Uttapam

How to make Instant Rava Uttapam | Quick & Easy Sooji Uttapam recipe| A healthy, quick, easy and very delicious breakfast/ snacks recipe made with Semolina , Oats, Veggies and Spices... This quick Sooji Uttapam can be prepared in total 20 to 25 minutes. It's also a great option for light dinner and can be …

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