Dry Mini Kachori

Dry Mini Kachori recipe | How to make perfect no-fail dry kachori | Dry Kachori recipe with tips with Video Dry Kachori is a deep fried crispy and crunchy balls, made from flour and spicy tasty stuffing. These dry kachoris can be stored for many weeks or months.. Jamnagar, a city of Gujarat state, is …

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Peanut Barfi / Shing Pak

Peanut Barfi/ Peanut Katli/ ShingPak recipe with all details| Peanut Barfi written and video recipe Peanut Barfi / Shing Pak is a simple and easy sweet recipe which can be prepared within 20 minutes. This Barfi can be prepared with just 2 main ingredients i.e. Peanuts and Sugar . This sweet is power and protein …

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Buff Vada

Written and video recipe for Gujarati snack Buff Vada, with details and tips|FaraliPattice | Potato Pattice recipe | Fasting Snack Recipe |Farali Aloo Pattice . Buff vada / Farali Pattice / Farali Stuffed Potato Pattice , is a deep fried Gujarati snack variety, which is a well-known snack to have during Fasts. The crispy and …

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