Cheese chilli toast is one of the easiest starter/snack to attract family and crowd. A perfectly crispy from outside  and Soft from inside... full of cheese and vegetables. A quick and easy method to prepare which never fails. There are hundreds of method to make this delicious and cheesy Chilli Cheese Toast. Here I will... Continue Reading →



Aromatic, spicy and flavourful, but very kid-friendly, these Moong Dal and Whole Wheat Flour crispies make a wonderful snack to serve to guests attime of festival or to send in your kids’ tiffin box. Its a protein pack option for sudden hunger. It can be a Best Partner for a cup of Hot Tea/Coffee. One... Continue Reading →

DAHI VADA ( Non Fried)

Dahi vada / Dahi Bhalla is a popular North Indian snack where lentil dumplings are dunked in a creamy whipped yogurt topped with some spices and spicy and sweet chutney. ...This NON FRIED Dahi vada is tasty and healthy too. Tongue tickling Dahi vada is always a choice at home. It needs some prior preparation... Continue Reading →


Paneer Tikka Masala is an Indian Vegetarian  Dish,  marinated Paneer cubes grilled  and then cooked in spicy gravy, is delicious in every bite. A smooth , luscious , spicy gravy and cotton soft fresh Paneer ... when serve hot with Roti, Paratha will be definitely a treat .. To make food delicious without Onion and Garlic is... Continue Reading →

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