These Delicious WHEAT FLOUR Brownies are super combo with Vanilla Ice cream.. Soft and sooo chocolaty  Brownies are perfect to be a show stopper . In temperature of 45C , i cant think for staying long in kitchen or go to market for purchasing ingredients for a single recipe. I always try to make yummy... Continue Reading →



Mango Murabba is a tangy, sweet and aromatic raw mango jam or preserve. Tempting Aroma of Saffron and Cardamom mixture in sugar syrup will drive u hungry 🙂 🙂 Kids will love this as no strong  spices added in this preperation.. its basically a two ingredient recipe – mangoes and sugar. both are cooked till you get... Continue Reading →


This traditional cooler drink will help you to give protection against heat.. Mixture of  Sauff, Dried Black Grapes and Rock Sugar (Mishri) is definitely super delicious, super cool and healthy too 🙂 🙂 Protect yourself and family with this homemade , natural , healthy cooler drink. Market bought coolers / drinks are just mixing of... Continue Reading →


This yummy Dal Dhokli is a complete meal in it self. Green Moong Dal (Split Green Gram )and Lobia (Black Eyed Bean) with Wheat Flour disks(Dhokli ), gives very unique taste. This ONE POT MEAL is very healthy and super easy to make . I have so many childhood memories with this simple and delicious... Continue Reading →

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