These Delicious WHEAT FLOUR Brownies are super combo with Vanilla Ice cream.. Soft and sooo chocolaty  Brownies are perfect to be a show stopper . In temperature of 45C , i cant think for staying long in kitchen or go to market for purchasing ingredients for a single recipe. I always try to make yummy... Continue Reading →



Mango Murabba is a tangy, sweet and aromatic raw mango jam or preserve. Tempting Aroma of Saffron and Cardamom mixture in sugar syrup will drive u hungry 🙂 🙂 Kids will love this as no strong  spices added in this preperation.. its basically a two ingredient recipe – mangoes and sugar. both are cooked till you get... Continue Reading →


This traditional cooling drink will help you to fight with heat.. Mixture of  Sauff, Dried Black Grapes and Rock Sugar (Mishri) is definitely super delicious, super cool and healthy too 🙂 🙂 THANDA THANDA COOL COOL 😉 😉 Every year summer becomes horrible. This year temperature hitting 40 C in Chennai so early.. Day by... Continue Reading →


nm  This yummy Dal Dhokli is a complete meal in it self. Green Moong Dal and Lobia (Black Eyed Bean) with Wheat Flour dumplings , gives very unique taste. This ONE POT MEAL is very healthy and super easy to make . I have so many childhood memories with this simple and delicious Dal Dhokli.... Continue Reading →

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