This yummy Dal Dhokli is a complete meal in it self. Green Moong Dal (Split Green Gram )and Lobia (Black Eyed Bean) with Wheat Flour disks(Dhokli ), gives very unique taste. This ONE POT MEAL is very healthy and super easy to make .

I have so many childhood memories with this simple and delicious Dal Dhokli. Whenever I used to come back from Hostel for a short vacation , this dish is always there in To-Eat List . My mom makes this dish very delicious. When to make during Paryushan, avoid using Coriander. 



1. 1 cup Green Moong Dal(Split Green Gram)
2. 1/2 cup Lobia / Black eyed bean
3. 2 cup Dhokli ( Approximately )
4. Salt
5. Turmeric Powder
6. Red chilli Powder
7. Oil (To Temper)
8. 2-3 tsp Turmerind Pulp


Wash and soak Moong dal and lobia seperately, at least for 30 mins.


To make Dhokli :

Take 2 cup Wheat Flour. Add all spices like Salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder,hing and 2 tsp oil. Mix Well. Knead a bit stiff dough. Allow it to rest for 2-5 mins. Grease your hands with drop of oil and knead again. Take out small portion of dough , make thin and long cylinders. Take small ball from that , press between thumb and first fingure. Make sure its of same size and well pressed too. Keep aside.


In a cooker take 3 glass of water. Add Salt, turmeric Powder, red chilli powder and pinch of Hing. Once it starts boiling add Lobia and Dhokli. Stir occasionally. When  it start boiling cover the cooker lid and cook for 2 whistles on medium high flame. Allow it to cool by its own.


Once you open the lid, add soaked moong dal and Turmerind Pulp and allow it to cook till Dal fully done. At this point if you feel water level is not enough, add some HOT water. Stir occasionally.

Before Dal is done fully , temper this Dal dhokli so the flavors of Temper can be mixed well.
To temper:
Take 4-5 tsp Oil in a kadai. Add Cumin Seeds, dry red chilli, curry leaves . When done add Hing and some red chilli powder…


Garnish with Chopped Coriander .. Serve hot.


Note: One can add tomato, onion , garlic as per liking. We serve this with onion salad and dry Garlic Chutney , so never feel to add in dish.

Hope you all will love the taste..

Happy Cooking 🙂 🙂


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