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Friends Please feel free to share your valuable words here about this blog or if any suggestions..

Thanking you

21 thoughts on “Opinion Book

  1. Bhuvana

    Hi ruchi
    During my school days my friend ‘s mom ( a gujarathi) used to often send pakoras made using buttermilk and moong dal ( I hope am correct 😥). I have been trying to find the recipe but have been unsuccessful till today. I chanced upon your blog looking for cake pops recipe ( yet to try it will let you know after I mak it). Can you please help me in sharing the”buttermilk pakora ” recipe?



  2. Dharmesh Tolia

    Hi Ruchi,

    I am consistently following your blog and it’s very good.
    I have one request for you.
    Can you start a separate section of precipices for Jain Food?
    It can be a great help for the people who are 100% Jain by food.
    I would also like to see some ‘quick-to-make’ breakfast precipices in this blog, which are healthy, less oily and fat-free.

    Thanks a lot!

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