21 thoughts on “Opinion Book

  1. Bhuvana

    Hi ruchi
    During my school days my friend ‘s mom ( a gujarathi) used to often send pakoras made using buttermilk and moong dal ( I hope am correct 😥). I have been trying to find the recipe but have been unsuccessful till today. I chanced upon your blog looking for cake pops recipe ( yet to try it will let you know after I mak it). Can you please help me in sharing the”buttermilk pakora ” recipe?



  2. Dharmesh Tolia

    Hi Ruchi,

    I am consistently following your blog and it’s very good.
    I have one request for you.
    Can you start a separate section of precipices for Jain Food?
    It can be a great help for the people who are 100% Jain by food.
    I would also like to see some ‘quick-to-make’ breakfast precipices in this blog, which are healthy, less oily and fat-free.

    Thanks a lot!

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