Doodhpak is an Indian Sweet , a rice pudding made from Milk, Rice, Sugar,Saffron and nuts. Dudhpak is commonly accompanied by Poori. The Milk is slow-boiled to thickened and sweetened and the dish is garnished with Chopped Almonds and Pistachios. Doodhpak is very popular in Gujarat , a beautiful state of India. When I talk... Continue Reading →



Chakli , a spiral shaped crisp deeep fried snack , is one of the traditional Indian snack item which one can enjoy during festivals like Diwali or even whole year. It is also known as Chakri in Gujarati and prepared with Wheat flour . In southern states of India , it is prepared with Rice... Continue Reading →

NAN KHATAI – Bakery Style

Nan Khatai is an authentic Indian sweet eggless cookie that can be prepared at home so easily. These cookies are best snacks . And also perfect to gift your loved one's on special occasions. These shortbread style biscuits are chunchy and crumbly with exotic aroma of cardamom.. Now a days , there are hundreds of... Continue Reading →


Mango Shrikhand / Amrakhand is a refreshig yogurt based sweet dish. Shrikhand with mango makes it a very delicious one. This delicious and exotic dessert is very easy to prepare . It is often served with Pooris. It tastes best when serve chilled. I hate store bought Shrikhand since my childhood. In childhood I never... Continue Reading →


Kala Jaam, Kalo Jaam or simply Kala Jamun is the black or dark purple variant of a Gulab Jamun. A delicious creamy and soft Indian dessert recipe made up milk solids / khoya, soaked in cardamom flavored sugar syrup. Kala jamun is very famous Indian dessert and its similar to Gulab Jamun, the key difference... Continue Reading →


This chocolaty , Egg less , Whole Wheat Brownies are fudgy , gooey , chewy , soft but not like cake . Love such nutty and chocolaty brownies with Vanilla Ice cream, dont you ?? 🙂 🙂 Use of Whole Wheat and brown Sugar definitely  enhances the values of this brownies. Made in pressure cooker... Continue Reading →


These simple, quick and easy to make, melt in mouth Eggless Almond Cookies (Badam Biscuits) are made from powdered Almond , whole wheat flour and butter. These melt in mouth cookies can be prepared using either Maida (All purpose flour) or Whole wheat flour.. It's a perfect snacks to make in advance for kid's party... Continue Reading →


This mildly spiced savory snack is flavored with fresh Fenugreek leaves and spices like Carom Seeds, Sesame Seeds etc. Its perfect partner with cup of Tea/Coffee. This are also very  popular to make at time of Diwali and other festivals .  This is the best and easy option for kids tiffin box or for evening... Continue Reading →


A simple yet delicious dessert which can be served hot or chilled. Simple ingredients, simple recipe, instant and final result is super tasty dessert. Coming Festival season try this super quick and tasty sweet .. Before 3 -4 yrs , When I heard about this sweet , I could not believe it can taste sooooo... Continue Reading →

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