A beautiful balance of Sweetness and Salt, Crunchy,  Eggless, with flavour of Cumin that gets roasted while baking, these cookies are unique in taste,  and very popular too. One can find them in local bakeries or road side stalls. A Perfect partner of Hot cup of Tea / Coffee. Lets celebrate this Festival season with... Continue Reading →


Choco Carrot Fudge / Burfi is a simple fusion to Indian Traditional sweet Carrot Halwa .. Same delicious Carrot Halwa with awesome taste of Chocolate Ganache 🙂 🙂 .. Winter is the best season for Delhi Carrots. Juicy, Tender, Sweet red Carrots makes this delicacy extremely tasty. Layer of Chocolate Ganache makes it unique .... Continue Reading →


Aromatic, spicy and flavourful, but very kid-friendly, these Moong Dal and Whole Wheat Flour crispies make a wonderful snack to serve to guests attime of festival or to send in your kids’ tiffin box. Its a protein pack option for sudden hunger. It can be a Best Partner for a cup of Hot Tea/Coffee. One... Continue Reading →

DAHI VADA ( Non Fried)

Dahi vada / Dahi Bhalla is a popular North Indian snack where lentil dumplings are dunked in a creamy whipped yogurt topped with some spices and spicy and sweet chutney. ...This NON FRIED Dahi vada is tasty and healthy too. Tongue tickling Dahi vada is always a choice at home. It needs some prior preparation... Continue Reading →


Shrikhand is a delicious sweet yogurt dish, popular in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.  Actually now popular worldwide 🙂 Hung yogurt is sweetened and flavour with cardamom powder and saffron and studded with crunchy mixed nuts.  One can add favourite seasonal fruit flavours too. Chilled shrikhand along with hot puris make a delicious meal... Continue Reading →


Fresh Coconut Fudge / Fresh Coconut Burfi/ Kopra Pak is a classic and traditional recipe of an Indian Sweet that is prepared during festivals or special occasions. The Sweets made from coconut are Delicious, Auspicious and can be used as offerings at festival rituals. After Paryushan, this is my first post. Here i would love... Continue Reading →


These Delicious WHEAT FLOUR Brownies are super combo with Vanilla Ice cream.. Soft and sooo chocolaty  Brownies are perfect to be a show stopper . In temperature of 45C , i cant think for staying long in kitchen or go to market for purchasing ingredients for a single recipe. I always try to make yummy... Continue Reading →


Khasta Puri / Maida Puri is a crunchy yet soft and delicious tea time snack. The unique flavours of crushed Pepper and Cumin seeds will enhance the taste.. Again its a calorie loaded so health conscious people just excuse me 🙂 🙂 Well i am sure this recipe cant be only for Festival as in... Continue Reading →


This sweet and Spicy Flattened Rice Chevda is so tasty and perfect savoury for Festival time . It can be best accompany with Sweets or Dal -Rice or Tea / Coffee or for some munching at evening , that CHHOTI CHHOTI BHUKH 🙂 🙂 On DIWALI Time, generally we Indians make number of dishes .... Continue Reading →

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