NAN KHATAI – Bakery Style

Nan Khatai is an authentic Indian sweet eggless cookie that can be prepared at home so easily. These cookies are best snacks . And also perfect to gift your loved one's on special occasions. These shortbread style biscuits are chunchy and crumbly with exotic aroma of cardamom.. Now a days , there are hundreds of... Continue Reading →



Mango kesari / Mango Sooji Halwa is a delicious sweet or dessert , made mainly from ripe sweet Mangoes and Sooji/Semolina/Rava. Friends, before this year mango season gets over , do try once. I tried Without adding any artificial colour or flavouring agent and it turned out awesome. Kesari is the south indian version of... Continue Reading →


These mango seeds mouth freshener is crispy , crunchy and simply amazing in taste. It's called as GOTHLI MUKHWAS in Gujarati.. It's very addictive. Mango Seeds are cooked , dried and fried / roasted and then seasoned with exotic spices which will definately tantalized your taste buds. Gothli (Mango Seeds ) Mukhwas (Mouth freshener) is... Continue Reading →

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