Rasgulla.. Authentic sweet of West Bengal . But i don’t think other regions also need any introduction for this spongy sweet.. Super spongy, soft, mouth melting and delicious Homemade Rasgulla is super easy to make. .This  No Ghee No Fry Dessert will be loved by all.

Today is Wedding Anniversary of My darling Sister and she loves this sweet. Being very far from her i can’t celebrate with her but this is the best way i guess 😉 😉 So my this post is totally dedicated to her. Love to her.

In this recipe i tried to give tips and suggestions so my dear friends can easily make this. I made this rasgulla many times, so i can understand where generally we go wrong. This is full proof recipe. One can never go wrong with this tips.

In this recipe i used Saffron, bit more . So after some time sugar syrup turned to bit yellowish color, one can ignore if dont like. But i personally love the flavour of Saffron.

Many times i tried with buffalo milk but my experience says COW MILK gives the perfect result. Else boil the regular fat milk allow it to cool and remove the MALAI from that then try to make RASGULLA from that milk.

To curdle milk, one can use Lemon, curd or vinegar. I always make with LEMON. Once Chhena is done strain and try to wash with drinking water. so that the lemon taste will totally disappear. If  you use curd, there is no need to wash chhena.

The important step to make rasgulla is to knead Chhena. If its not perfectly kneaded rasgulla wont rise and will be flattened. One has to knead with fingures and head of palm till it starts leaving Ghee.. Once you feel your hand getting some CHIKNAYI or GHEE , stop kneading and form balls. Make small balls always as it will be double in size after cooking.

This measurement of sugar will give normal sweet syrup, if you need more sweetness one can add sugar accordingly. But i think this is the perfect as we get in shop.

Here, i have transferred RASGULLA from sugar syrup to normal drinking water for 30 mins. The reason is by such way it wont loose its shape and softness. I have tried RASGULLA 5 times which were turned either hard or flattened or not as we get in shop. So i searched in web and found this suggestion. This is the perfect way to keep the spongy balls as it is even after many hrs. So now from 1 yr i am making this way only and its a never fail recipe.

Always rest RASGULLA in syrup for at least 4-5 hrs before serving so that it will be soaked properly in sugar syrup. It gives best taste when chilled .

One can garnish with some pistachios.


So now lets see the recipe


  • 1 lt Cow Milk
  • 1 Lemon Juice
  • 1/4 tsp Cardamom Powder
  • Saffron Strands
  • 1.5 cup Sugar


In a heavy bottomed vessel boil cow milk. Keep stirring occasionally so it wont burn or stick at bottom. One it starts boiling , make the flame slow. Now add Lemon Juice. Stir properly. Allow it to curdle properly. If you feel its not curdled fully add some more lemon juice. One can notice milk will curdle fully and the separated water-whey which  colour is slightly greenish .

Now strain the milk on a smooth muslin cloth. Allow it to drain fully. As we have used Lemon , we will wash the Chhena with drinking water. I used about 1 glass of water to wash it. By washing chhena will get cool . Gather all the sides of cloth and hang for sometime or just gather the sides of cloth and keep some heavy weight on it. Make sure Cheena should not get too dry nor too moisture should be there. It will take around 30-35 mins to drain the chhena .

On other side take 1.5 cup sugar and 5 cup water in a broad vessel. Keep on medium flame. Add Cardamom Powder. Make sure the vessel you use should be enough big as this cottage cheese balls needs space to rise.

Take drained Cottage Cheese and start kneading. Make sure its crumbly else its impossible to knead.  For me it took around 6-7 mins to get ghee out of it. It will turn into a soft dough. Make small crackless balls. Add these balls to boiling sugar syrup. Cover the vessel. Cook for 12-15 mins.

Now the question is how to know rasgulla is done or not.. Well take a test, Take a rasgulla out of syrup and keep in glass full of water. If this spongy ball sinks its done and if floats it needs to cook more. Once its done It will turn double in size. Now carefully with help of spoon take out each rasgulla and keep into drinking water. Make sure there should be enough water for rasgulla. Keep in this drinking water for 30 mins.

Once you feel sugar syrup is warm (Not too hot or boiling) add saffron strands and mix well. After 30 mins take out soft spongy rasgulla from water, squeeze lightly and keep again in sugar syrup. You can feel the softness when you touch with fingures.

Now allow it to soak sugar syrup for at least 4-5 hrs. One can garnish with pistachio. Serve Chilled.

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Hope you will love the recipe and yummy delicious Rasgulla.

Happy Cooking 🙂 🙂


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  1. bharathi

    Thank u so much bhabhi for this blog post. I know u cos of harish uncle n aunty.. Luckily i found ur blog. And m so thankful to u tht i tried these rasgullas tod mng for the navratri prasad.. And to my surprise thy came out really well. Kudos to u for ur recipe of this aft ur trial n error methods. Hope to c u soon.

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