Moong Dal Chakli

Moong Dal Chakli recipe |Moong Dal Murukku | Pasi Paruppu Murukku Recipe with written and video recipe

Moong Dal Chakli / Murukku is an easy and protein rich snack recipe. It’s mainly prepared with Moong Dal and Rice Flour . Added spices will enhance the flavour and taste.

Variety Murukku / Chakli recipes are very popular across South India. Moong Dal Murukku is such quick and easy recipe for super tasty Chaklis.

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Checkout the Video recipe here..

Recipe Card for Moong Dal Chakli

Moong Dal Chakli

  • Servings: 500gm Approx
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Easy, Crispy, Crunchy , Protein Rich Moong Dal Chakli / Murukku is perfect as teatime snack or for munch...


*Moong Dal Flour can be used too instead of boiled Moong Dal but I like boiled Dal Taste more.

*In stead of Butter, add 4 tbsp of warm Oil while making dough. Result will be same soft Murukku.

*Adding red chilli powder is optional. It won’t turn chakli very spicy but definitely will give superb colour . If you don’t like, you can omit that ingredient.


*2/3 cup Moong Dal

*2 cups Rice Flour

*3 tbsp Butter

*1/2 tsp Asafoetida , Hing


*2 tbsp White Sesame Seeds

*1.5 tbsp Cumin Seeds

*1 tsp Red Chilli Powder

*Oil, for frying


First, rinse and wash Moong dal properly.

Now, cook Moong dal in pressure cooker with just enough water. DON’T add too much of water while cooking Dal.

Cook for 3 whistles on slow to medium flame .

Later, when air realesed by its own open the cooker.

We have to mash the dal properly else there are chances that it can stuck in kitchen press after cooled.

Here, I will mash the dal mixer grinder.

Don’t add any water while grinding. Make a  very smooth and lump free batter.

Transfer this mixture in a big plate .

Add rice flour to it. Always seive the flour before using

Now add, Hing, Salt, softened Butter, Sesame Seeds, Cumin Seeds .

Mix everything so well . Add water slowly and need soft dough. If dough will be tight, chakli wont turn soft and crispy and at same time if dough will be very soft it will absorb lot more Oil.

Knead dough a little. Grease kitchen press and star shaped plate with little Oil. Fill it with dough till 2/3 . Close tightly..

On a plate, make spiral shaped chakli by moving kitchen press continuously.

Dont forget to seal adges properly, else it may spoiled while frying.

Heat oil for frying. Slowly slide down shaped murukku . Dont over crowd.

Immediately DONT TOUCH CHAKLI. Fry on both the sides on medium flame till crispy.

Take out from Oil and keep on Oil absorbant paper .

Store in an air tight container once cooled.

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