Homemade Chocolates are super easy to make and the best way to celebrate the first birthday of my Blog 🙂 🙂  Today my blog, ruchisvegkitchen turned 1 yr old. Thank you so much friends for all your love and support.

After making chocolate once at home, i am sure one will never purchase from home. Many benefits of homemade chocolates are: Will be cost effective , will be pure, will be perfect as per your taste, any changes u can made as per your likings.

To make chocolates at home is not tedious at all. On a request from a dear one here i am posting this recipe. There are many other ways too to make chocolates . This is the most easiest way i am showing.

I have used MORDE Brand Chocolate compound that is easily available in market and cost effective too.  One can use any other brand also.

Any combination one can use. Only Dark chocolates or combination as i did or even only white chocolates. Combination ratio also one can decide as per likings. I made some white chocolates too. One can also mix directly at time of melting and mold this chocolates.


  • Dark Chocolate Compound
  • White Chocolate Compound


In a double boiler melt the dark chocolate. For this take a pan with hot boiling water and keep a bowl of grated chocolate in it. Allow the chocolate to melt completely. Now temper the chocolate. To temper chocolate means, whisk the chocolate nicely and it will give a smooth and shiny texture.

For garnishing one can use Roasted Nuts for better taste. One can use Almonds, Pistachio, Cashew or Butterscotch Pearls or any flavour you like or Simply plain . In all ways Chocolates will taste superb.

For using nuts , one can directly mix in melted chocolate on sprinkle on molds and then pour chocolate.

On a chocolate mold sheet , pour dark chocolate till half of the mold and  allow it to set in freezer for 30 minutes then pour melted white chocolate. Fill the mold till full . it should nt overflow else the final texture give odd look.  Keep in freezer to set for 30-40 minutes.

Slowly tap the mould sheet from backside to unmold the chocolates and chocolates are ready,one can wrap in gift papers or eat as it is.


Best way to gift your loved ones.

Hope you all will enjoy this cute chocolates..

Happy Cooking 🙂 🙂




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