Carrot Uttapam is a healthy breakfast / dinner made from Idli Dosa Batter. I have use Milagai Podi / Idly podi to give extra crunch and taste. My Little one loves this Uttapam..

A friend, a terrific blogger Paarulz Kitchen , approached me for a guest post for her new series on blog. Definitely how can I miss that chance.. You all should definitely visit her blog for exotic recipes..Thank you so much Paarul for giving lovely space on your wonderful blog. Really appreciate your gesture. Hope such collaboration grow more in future.



When I got chance to post on her lovely blog,  I thought why not post a simple but yummy recipe which will be loved by kids as well as adults. CARROT UTTAPAM, I contributed on her blog for this Guest series. Please checkout the details at Paarulz Kitchen ..

Uttapam is made with Rice Lentil Batter. How to prepare perfect Idli Batter , checkout the here..

One can find the detailed recipe of Milagai Podi here..


3 cups Idli Batter
1 cup thinly grated Carrot
4 tsp chopped fresh Coriander
1 chopped Green Chilli ( Avoid if for Kids)
½ cup Idli Podi

  • Add Salt in Idli Batter. Add little water if needed. Batter consistency should be thick. Heat a non stick tava on medium high heat, season. Check if the tava is hot, you will know when you sprinkle some water and it sizzles.
  • When hot, pour a ladle full of the Idli Dosa Batter onto the tava and just give it a little swirl to spread it just a bit. It should be a like a thick pancake. Sprinkle a good amount of the carrot and coriander over the Uttapam.
  • Now sprinkle idli podi. Drizzle some oil around the Uttapam and cover if you have a lid, else you can let it cook in the open.
  • Once you notice the top is lightly steamed and the batter is not raw, press the filling down with a flat spatula.
  • Then flip the Uttapam to cook on the other side. Turn the heat to medium high, so the vegetables cook fast. After about 30 to 40 seconds flip again and the Uttapam will be ready to be served.
  • Serve the Carrot Uttapam along with Coconut chutney and Coriander chutney . Enjoy hot in breakfast, dinner or even pack into lunch box..


Hope you all will love this easy recipe.. would love to hear from you all

Happy Cooking 🙂 🙂


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