LOW FAT MANGO ICE CREAM is served in a cup, made from DARK CHOCOLATE. A beautiful and healthy combination of Low fat ice cream and dark chocolate. It’s definitely a treat to eyes, taste buds and your health. Enjoy summer in a healthy way 🙂 🙂


“The king of the fruits,” mango fruit is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruits with unique flavor, fragrance, taste, and heath promoting qualities. Mango fruit is rich in pre-biotic dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant compounds, Potassium. Mango fruit is an excellent source of Vitamin-A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

In mango season we generally dig into it. So many dishes, desserts etc etc can be prepared. but what about our health? So here i tried making LOW FAT MANGO ICE CREAM. No Heavy Full fat creams, no extra sugar, just blend of pure mango taste with low fat cream that also in small quantity.  Here, sugar measurement depends on the sourness of your fruit. If you select nicely fully ripe mangoes, no need to add more sugar. Its fully depends on your taste and Mangoes.

Dark Chocolate has the wide variety of powerful antioxidants. It also contains a decent amount of soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals. But it may have some fat so be careful on quantity you consume.

Some tips on storage of ICE CREAM:

  • Aluminium Is the best to store ice cream, though i used stainless steel which is also a good option.
  • Make sure container MUST be air tight.
  • Freezer Temperature should be on high.
  • In no circumstance, place your ice cream container on tray or something. It should directly touch the freezer ice plate.
  • Dont over load freezer when ice cream is there , it prevents to melt it.

I made Cup using DARK CHOCOLATE, we will also see the easiest method here. So lets See stepwise method for this beautiful delight.




  • 4 Ripe Mangoes, Medium Size
  • 3/4 cup Low Fat Cream
  • 4 tbsp Milk Powder
  • 3 tsp Sugar


The container in which your are planning to store ice cream, set into freezer for half an hour , till its chilled.

Peel and cut the mangoes. In a mixer jar take mango pieces, sugar and Low fat cream. Blend nicely. Blend till it becomes smooth and fluffy. Take out this mixture into chilled container. Keep in freezer for 3-4 hours.

After that take that all ice cream in mixer jar and add milk powder. Again beat nicely. At this stage you can feel its super smooth, no ice crystals at all. Blend very well and again keep in same container and store in freezer for overnight.

20150415_185920 20150416_072219 20150416_07182620150416_072005  20150415_190318


Well first i tried this cup before 1.5 yr and i am totally in love with this super easy method. There may be so many other methods to make this , but i think the more easy peasy is more attractive, what you think 🙂 🙂


  • 3/4 cup Dark Chocolate


In a double boiler, melt the dark chocolate. If you dont have double boiler, just take some water in kadai. When that water starts boiling place a small vessel with chocolate in the center of kadai. keep stirring. Flame should be on LOW. When its melt fully switch off the gas.

Take a Spoon full of melted chocolate and apply on cupcake mould. Spread with backside of spoon. Apply evenly. MAke sure no gap left . Keep in freezer for at least 20 mins..

20150416_192256  20150416_193623 20150418_171233 20150418_171919

At time of serving, just tap once or twice this mould on platform surface and very easily it will come out..

20150418_215809 20150418_215839 20150418_215919

Thats it.. Keep a single big scoop of ice cream in this beautiful cup and garnish with mango pieces and chocochips..

Hope you like this yummy delight.

Happy Cooking 🙂 🙂



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