Fresh Coconut Fudge / Fresh Coconut Burfi/ Kopra Pak is a classic and traditional recipe of an Indian Sweet that is prepared during festivals or special occasions. The Sweets made from coconut are Delicious, Auspicious and can be used as offerings at festival rituals.

After Paryushan, this is my first post. Here i would love to wish Michhami Dukkadam to all my friends . It’s a way of asking forgiveness for all deeds done knowingly or unknowingly. This a very important part of this Religious festival of Jains.

Samvantsari – last day of  Paryushan and Vinayak Chaturthi falls on same day. May Lord Ganesh fills your life and home with lots of Happiness and Prosperity ..  Earlier i have also posted Topra pak with Desiccated Coconut, one can check that here.


I have prepared this Cute, white beauties on day of Ganesh Chaturthi.

It is important to use freshly grated coconut to make this sweet instead of using Frozen or Desiccated coconut. Taste, Texture and moisture level of fresh coconut adds the special richness to this sweet.

This is very simple , easy to make and handy sweets when guests are at home without notice. Importantly used only 1 tsp Ghee. Mainly 2 ingredients used and ready in couple of minutes… What else we need..

One can store this sweet for long without refrigerator.


I have not added any color or flavour to the sweets, one can add.  This measurement will yield 15-17 medium size pieces of the sweet. I have not used Cashews and Pistachio in this sweets,  one can add that also tastes good.

I scrape the coconut in mixer grinder, one can use coconut scraper if available.


  • 2 cups Fresh Coconut , scraped
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 tsp Ghee
  • 1 tsp Cardamom Powder
  • Few Saffron Strands
  • 3 tsp Almond Slivers (Optional)
  • Some Cashew , chopped (Optional)
  • Pistachio , slivers (Optional)


Wash and peel fresh coconut . Cut into small pieces. Now grind in mixer without adding anything. Grind nicely. Your Coconut Scrape is ready.

Make ready a greased plate and keep aside.

In a non stick pan take Ghee. One can roast cashew or pistachio in ghee if using . Add Coconut and sugar. Mix and begin to heat on medium flame. When sugar starts melting add Cardamom Powder and keep stirring.  Mixture will turn gooey and bubbly.continuous stirring is must . After some time one can notice that mixture will begins to thicken and even bubbles will be gone. Keep stirring.

Add nuts. Cook till all bubbles vanish and mixture also starts to leave sides of the pan. Immediately pour this to a greased plate and level the top. Quickly add nuts and tuck them. It will be harden fast so after pouring be really quick.

Cut into desired shape once mixture cools down bit, not fully. If its cool down completely , it wont be easy to get perfect shape.

Store in a airtight jar. Hope you all will also enjoy as much me and my family did.

Happy Cooking 🙂 🙂


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