Coconut Ladoo / Coconut Balls , a popular , quick and very easy Indian delight , suits for any occassions or festivals.. These ladoos are melt in mouth , and can be ready in just 15 minutes. Dessicated Coconut and Condensed milk , just 2 main ingredients and your super tasty delight is ready..

Wishing you all A very Happy and prosperous Diwali. Happy Diwali friends.. Enjoy this festival of lights with family , friends and share happiness..

Coconut Balls are my childhood favourite sweet. My mom use to make colourful coconut balls , and we both sisters simply love it..

Here , I showed 2 varieties of coconut ladoos .. Something different than a regular ladoos to make a perfect fusion dessert. I have wrapped the coconut balls in dark chocolate. The blend of chocolate and coconut gives a very unique taste to this dessert.

This is a winner , full proof recipe . Even a bachelor , beginner or someone who is far from family and wanna make some sweet by own , definately this Coconut Balls are the answer.


  • If you find dessicated coconut more coarse , you can grind a bit in a mixer jar with pulse method.
  • Here , I made only few chocolate coconut ladoos so used small amount of Dark Chocolate . Adjust the quantity as per your requirements.
  • One can add some Cardamom powder too.
  • Instead of Condensed Milk , one can use sugar too.


  • One can use even semi sweet chocolate , but I personally liked the taste of dark chocolate .
  • These Coconut Balls are made with dessicated coconut , you can even use the fresh coconut.
  • One can use Sugar and Milk instead of condensed milk. Use around 3/4 cup of sugar while using 2 cups of coconut. Here , I referred 250 ml cup size..
  • Use Milk when using Fresh Coconut..


  • 250gm Desiccated Coconut
  • 200gm (half tin ) Condensed Milk
  • Dark chocolate


In a non stick pan mix dessicated coconut and condensed milk. Spare some dessicated coconut aside to sprinkle on ladoos.

Mix very well . Cook on slow flame for 4 to 5 minutes. Keep stirring till mixture starts leaving sides. It will look like a dough.

Switch off the gas. Allow it to cool little bit. Start shaping ladoos / balls while mixtutre is still hot.. Grease your palms with few drops of Ghee , then start shaping. Roll this balls in spared dessicated and keep aside.. I have kept some balls unwrapped in coconut , as with those ladoos we will see chocolate coconut ladoos ..

Lets make Chocolate Coconut Balls..

I have used bouble boiler method to melt the dark chocolate. You can melt in microwave too. For double boiler method, take some water in a small vessel. Once water starts boiling, place one more vessel. And place dark chocolate bar in it. Keep flame slow. Keep stirring till chocolate melts fully.

At this stage , be quick..

Dip each coconut ball in melted chocolate. With help of fork or spoon , place these dipped ladood on a plastic sheet or alluminium foil. Sprinkle some coconut and allow it to settled . One can keep in freeze too to fasten this step

Hope you all will enjoy this dessert with friends and family. Happy Diwali


  • Grease your palms before shaping the ladoos to avoid sticking mixture in palms..
  • Make sure you always shape ladoos when the mixture warm.
  • Always use butter paper or silver foil to rest the chocolate dipped balls. If you directly place them on a plate the ladoos might stick to the plate..
  • Chocolate coconut balls can be easily stored in room temperature and the chocolate will not melt …


  1. I loved this recipe and it is amazing when Diwali desserts are super yum, stress free and sweat free. Very little work in the kitchen with few ingredients, yet the dessert stands out. Ideal to gift and make it immediately before guests arrive. Loved the images Ruchi, the close up shot is getting me all excited to taste.

    Liked by 1 person

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