Its been 2 years I have started this blog . As I already mentioned , I am not trained chef. I never been to any classes even . Being a housewife its just my passion /hobby to explore my self .

In this case when you get words of appriciation from family and friends , it is always motivating. But when you get appreciation from a food expert who is staying thousands km away from your country !!! What can be your reaction ??

Last weekend, Ruchisvegkitchen’s one post RICH PLUM CAKE-Christmas Special got recognisation in a Christmas Special Edition of a Newsletter, published by Mr. Bob Toovey in France. Thank you sir.

It was a very joyful and proud moment for me and my family. I understand this might be a very small matter for a great chef , but for me it was just out of the world.  Hope you can understand the feeling when your Parents says We are proud of You, when your sister says Love you for this and when husband proudly says Well done  🙂  I am sure none can write down such feelings, at least I cant 🙂 🙂

I really feel thankful to each and everyone who is connected directly or indirectly with Ruchi’svegkitchen…. THANK YOU SO MUCH .Looking forward for such support in future too.

Well , let me explain what is so unique in that Rich Plum Cake… Generally plum cakes , which are very famous during Christmas . This cake is loaded with dried berries and dry fruits which are soaked in liquor for months. So I try this cake Without Eggs and without Liquor.

I added a delicious taste of Caramel to this cake which was eggless too. No soaking of berries and dry fruits in liquor. Still there is no compromise of taste and texture of the cake. Then I have decorated cake with Chocolate Ganache and Fondant.  This uniqueness gave me the pleasure of such recognisation.


This is just a small try to share my happiness with all of you . Thank you so much.



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